Tan In Tent Inflatable Spray Cubicle

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Product Description

The new Tan In Tent ticks all the boxes for therapists who want an easier tan to erect, fold away and wash, the future in Spray Tan Cubicles! This tent is lightweight, easy to operate and hygenic, making tanning operation very easy. The tent uses a hard wearing lightweight material called Rip Stop, which is commonly used to make parachute products.

Within the material, there is a tiny honeycomb pattern that helps to eliminate rips and fraying o fthe material, which is extremely durable. The tent is designed to use a continual flow of air from a small blower attached to the back which maintains sufficient pressure to keep the tent inflated.

The Blower is a lightweight portable unit whiuch you attach to the back of the tent and secure by a simple drawstring mechanism, the recommended running time is four hours with a fifteen minute cooling time. Extensive tests have been carried out exceeding 10 hours of constant use, with no incidents of overheating occurring.

The Tent is designed with areas of ceiling mesh for the purpose of improving light within the tent, the material is siuffciently tightly knit to eliminate overspray escaping. The Extractor Flap will allow for any standard Extractor Unit (can be purchased in our shop area in Equipment) to be pllaced at the back of your Tan In Tent to capture and draw over spray from the atmosphere. Major Benefits; apart from no more problems erecting and folding your tent, the new TAN IN TENT inflates within 30 seconds, can be washed in the washing machine in the special designed wash bag. It can even go in the tumble dryer afterwards. After use, put the Tan In Tent in the custom designed duffle bag which has storage for the blower in a seperate compartment away from the tent, reducing the possibility of damage. This also makes it perfect for mobile therapists.


-Easy to inflate and deflate
-Machine washable
-Tumble Dryer Safe
-Extractor Flap
-Erects in under 30 seconds
-Hygienic Waterproof Captures overspray with fold out floor flap
-Skylight to allow light to enter the tent